Facebook us Pandora Animals Beads mobile ad revenue soaring knoxville news sentinel Facebook us mobile ad revenue soaring knoxville news sentinel Idaho(Ap)An investigation firm says it expects facebook's mobile ad revenue to soar this year, hitting nearly $1 Pandora Charms Sale billion a year after the company started to splice ads into its users' mobile phones and tablet pc's. Wednesday's forecast comes a previous day Pandora Bracelets:http://www.bingoon.co.uk/ facebook holds an event to unveil a new android product.Speculation has centered on a cellphone, maded by htc corp, that deeply integrates facebook into the android operating-System.The move comes as facebook works to evolve from its cyberspace roots to a"Mobiles first"Contractor, as its concept goes. "There are some clear reasons why a deeper integration with mobile systems and handsets see results about pandora bracelets uk makes sense for facebook, told clark fredricksen, vp at emarketer. "At the end for the day, the deeper facebook can engage consumers, no matter what device or main system or handset, better.




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